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HSPA: 1.5 CE Credits
(certified until 12 Oct 2025)
12 Dec 2023
Event Details

RUMED Online Training Program:
The complexity of instrument reprocessing and related processes is increasing, requiring a deep understanding of correlations within various workflows. This expertise is crucial for making informed decisions and upholding the high quality standards in our daily work at RUMED. Achieving this requires a strong foundation of technical and procedural knowledge. To meet these demands, the RUMED Academy offers a comprehensive online training program consisting of two levels: 'Reprocessing Technician RUMED (Level 1)' and 'Senior Processing Technician RUMED (Level 2)'.

The modules are conducted in English, available also in Spanish in Latin America, and delivered by experienced international experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field of application in the operating room (OR) and instrument reprocessing. The content of the modules is based on the comprehensive DGSV and HSPA courses, ensuring a well-rounded and relevant training experience.

Reprocessing Technician RUMED (Level I):
The Level I program consists of 14 individual modules (see below “Module Overview”). The target group is RUMED managers, RUMED technicians and other employees in RUMED with proficient English/Spanish language skills and practical experience in a reprocessing structure for medical devices.

Module 10.1: Packaging and Sterile Barrier Systems I​I:
This webinar provides an overview on how to validate the heat sealing process in accordance with the current standards and guidelines and presents information on routine monitoring procedures, sealing device functions and testing systems.

Upon successful completion of this module, a certificate with 1.5 CE credits by the HSPA is issued as proof of achievement. Each module concludes with a knowledge quiz. Once you have completed all modules and provided the corresponding certificates to the RUMED Academy, you will be awarded the Reprocessing Technician RUMED (Level 1) certificate.

Participation Cost: 
€ 80.00 per Module

Module Overview (Level I):
1.0 Standards, Laws and Regulation
2.0 Hygiene and Microbiology
3.0 Cleaning and Disinfection I
3.1 Cleaning and Disinfection II
4.0 Sterilization
5.0 Proper Machinery Working
6.0 Structure and Design of RUMED and its Processes
7.0 Quality Management and Validation I
8.0 RUMED Management I
8.1 RUMED Management II
9.0 Material and Instrument Sciences I
10.0 Packaging and Sterile Barrier Systems I
10.1 Packaging and Sterile Barrier Systems II
11.0 Processing of Medical Devices in the Supply Chain I

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Johannes Gulde
​KLS Martin Group - Tuttlingen, Germany​
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Wolfram Krattinger
hawo GmbH - Obrigheim, Germany​
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Partners Event Agenda
11.30 CET | PART 1
Welcome & Introduction
2 min
Importance of Validation for Quality, Safety, and Compliance
8 min
Adhering to Standards and Guidelines for the Heat Sealing Process
15 min
Understanding Sealing Device Functions and their Impact on Seals
15 min
Choosing and Utilizing appropriate Testing Systems for Seal Evaluation
15 min
Live Discussion - Voting, Q&A
5 min
12.30 CET | BREAK
10 min
12.40 CET | PART 2
Validation and Implementing Routine Monitoring Procedures for Quality Control
12 min
Live Discussion - Voting, Q&A
5 min
Key Takeaways
3 min
30 min
I Will Learn To
Define relevant standards and guidelines for sealing process validation
Explore sealing variables & parameters, sealing technology (rotary/band sealing) and machine pre-requisites to sealing process validation
Understand the definition and scope of a sealing process validation (based on the DGSV Guideline 2020; worst case)
Be able to complete a sealing process validation using the DGSV-Guideline
Grasp routine monitoring and on-demand testing; backup-concept
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