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3 Credits
(certified until 21 Mar 2024)
28 Feb 2023
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The Winglet Original Series, a monthly TV show for orthopedic and trauma surgeons, continues in 2023 with a second season «All About Techniques». On the last Tuesday of every month, renowned international experts show their surgical techniques and discuss learnings, pitfalls and potential complications for varying injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Enjoy exclusive insights and new, innovative technical techniques from the comfort of your home and ask your own burning questions live in this highly interactive series. A «Must Watch» for everyone aiming to excel in orthopedics and trauma surgery.  
The post-live version is certified by the German Medical Association Berlin. The certification period starts on 22 March 2022. From this date forward, you can complete the knowledge quiz at any time within 12 months and earn 3 CME credits.
Participation Cost: 
The livestream is free of charge. The post-live version (certified with 3 CME credits) can be purchased at a ticket price of € 49. Watch the replay whenever your time allows. 

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Murat Bozkurt, M.D.
Orthopedic Clinic - Ankara, Turkey
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Elizaveta Kon, M.D.
Humanitas University - Milan, Italy
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Philipp Niemeyer, M.D., PhD
Orthopedic Surgery Munich (OCM) - Munich, Germany
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Emmanuel Papakostas, M.D.
Aspetar Hospital - Doha, Qatar
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Gian Salzmann, M.D.
Joint Center Rhein-Main | Schulthess Clinic - Wiesbaden | Zurich, Germany | Switzerland
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Johannes Zellner, M.D.
Sporthopaedicum - Regensburg, Germany
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Partners Event Agenda
19.00 CET | Half-Time 1
Welcome & Introduction
5 min
My Technique Using Reservable Bi-Phasic Aragonite Based Scaffold for Cartilage Repair E. Kon
6 min
Chondrons and Bone Marrow MSCs as One Step Cell-Based Cartilage Treatment E. Papakostas
6 min
Minced Cartilage in Combination with Subchondral Bone Augmentation G. Salzmann
6 min
Osteochondral Autograft from the Posterior Femoral Condyle P. Niemeyer
4 min
Live Discussion - Voting, Q&A
18 min
10 min
19.55 CET | Half-Time 2
My Technique of Subchondral Bone Augmentation Using Iliac Crest Transplants M. Bozkurt
6 min
My Technique of Subchondral Bone Augmentation Using Iliac Crest Transplants J. Zellner
6 min
My Technique of Subchondral Bone Augmentation using Cylinders from the Tibia P. Niemeyer
6 min
Summary feat. Open Questions, Unmet Needs, Future Perspectives, Unsolved Problems P. Niemeyer
6 min
Live Discussion - Voting, Q&A
19 min
Key Takeaways
2 min
30 min
I Will Learn To
Get to know different advanced techniques for surgical cartilage repair
Understand the role minced cartilage and subchondral bone augmentation can play in surgical cartilage therapy
Discuss indications for stem cell therapy in cartilage repair
Get to know the Iliac Crest Transplant as one of many options in surgical cartilage repair
Discuss indications, techniques and outcome of different methods of operative therapy for cartilage repair via case presentations
What's Included
live and interactive
Watch the event live and ask your questions directly to our experts. Share your opinion in interactive polls and contribute to the live expert discussion.
Earn CME credits after successful completion of the CME quiz. The education video is accredited by the German Medical Association for a duration of 12 months. Credits will be transferred automatically to your personal CME account.
practice-oriented & cutting-edge
Get a high-quality update in a time-saving video format including evidence-based overview talks, tips & tricks from top-class experts, exciting video insights from the OR and concise takeaway messages.
anytime & everywhere
Educate yourself whenever you feel like it – at any time and from everywhere. Seamlessly integrable into your daily routine. Flexible access on your desktop, mobile device or smart TV.
Enjoy entertaining medical education in a cutting-edge online TV format. Comfortably from home or on the go – no travel expenses, absence time or extra costs.
permanently available
Benefit from unlimited access to the event. Watch the on-demand version at your own pace and download related top resources after the live broadcast.
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