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DKOU 2019 Wetlab - Acetabulum Demonstration
23 Oct 2019
Event details

In cooperation with Trauma Academy we are excited to broadcast high-profile BioSkills workshops and demonstrations presented live at Wetlab@DKOU in Berlin. 

Gain insights into the BioSkills workshops featuring pre- and postoperative planning with newest 3D X-ray and CT imaging, 3D printed fracture models, hands-on operating on lifelike fractured specimen and a final discussion of the results. See how Trauma Academy applies the educational principles from aviation to the world of surgical education to support young colleagues as well as experts in mastering their surgical skills. Become part of the revolution. Become a better surgeon.

What to expect
Decision making, confidence, mastering emergencies, teamwork, communication, physical skills, and precision - these skills are the hallmark of an excellent pilot responsible for hundreds of passengers. But looking closer, those skills are also the basis for a successful surgeon career. That's why we apply the educational principles from aviation to the world of surgical education.
Trauma Academy
About BioSkills Workhop Concept
The BioSkills live workshops are run as lifelike fracture simulation - a combination of most innovative technologies with lifelike pre-fractured specimen to enable a world-class learning experience. Supported by 3D X-ray, CT-scans and 3D printed fracture models, you will plan and perform your case.
Trauma Academy
About BioSkills Workhops
Additional to our established fracture portfolio of the extremities, we present at this year's DKOU 2019 three new medical indications: Periprosthetics Knee, Hip and Spine live demonstrations by the most renowned surgeons.
Trauma Academy
About Live Demonstrations
Organise your Plan - Introduction & Welcome
10 min
Define your Plan - Planning with X-ray, CT, 3D-prints
5 min
Operate your Plan - Hands-on Wetlab
90 min
Defend your Plan - Presentation & discussion of results
10 min
5 min
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