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BONEBANK Conference
20 Aug 2020
Event details

Currently, bone marrow and bone fragments containing valuable stem cells are discarded as waste during routine bone operations. The potential of these stem cells lies primarily in their use for regenerative therapies, such as the treatment of bone fractures. The BONEBANK idea is to harvest these stem cells with new instruments and methods and to store them in German-Danish biobanks. Thereby, this valuable resource can be made available for therapeutic purposes or for research into advanced therapies.

On the other side newest studies have shown that certain fractures are associated with a high rate of complications such as pseudarthrosis. This relates to e.g. proximal tibia fractures after high speed traumata with bone loss. This type of fracture therefore requires high innovative strategies for bone healing and builds the framework for the 'First in Human" study

To discuss these issues and to learn more about it we invite you to the final conference of the Interreg project BONEBANK, the German-Danish biobank and innovation platform for stem cells in the bone region, on August 20, 2020.

Scientific Round Table on Pseudarthrosis and Stem cell therapy

Speed speeches and discussion on: 

- Harvesting bone material
- Cell quality for biobanking
- Clinical study “First in human”
- GMP compliant mesenchymal stem cell product
- Development of the BONEBANK stem cell harvester
- Development of the BONEBANK injection device
- Datacenter platform for cross-border use
- German-Danish Competence Atlas

Read more: www.bonebank.eu

From August 20, 2020 you can complete the quiz for a period of 12 months and earn 6 CME credits.

BONEBANK is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with means from the European Regional Development Fund.

09.30 CET | Welcome and Introduction
09.35 CET | Scientific Round Table on Pseudarthrosis and Stem Cell Therapy
10.20 CET | BREAK
10 min
10.30 CET | BONEBANK – The Project
10.50 CET | Injection Data
11.00 CET | CQ – Cell Quality for Biobanking
11.20 CET | Smart Data – Challenges and Opportunities
11.40 CET | BREAK
10 min
11.50 CET | Clinical Study “First in Human”
12.10 CET | GMP Compliant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Product
12.30 CET | The BONEBANK Stem Cell Harvester – Development and Application of a new Medical Device and Method
12.50 CET | Q&A
45 min
45 min
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