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SSIEM Virtual Symposium Day 2020
03 Dec 2020
Event details

Welcome to the first SSIEM 2020 Virtual Symposium Day! The evolving SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has not only changed the world tremendously, but also forced us to make the difficult decision to postpone our 53rd Annual Meeting to 2022 in Freiburg. Instead for the current year, SSIEM council members and the editors of the journals (Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease and JIMD Reports) organised a challenging one day online symposium. In addition, the SSIEM organised the first online annual general meeting to be held in conjunction at 7 pm GMT to which all SSIEM members are invited. You can find more information on www.ssiemvirtual.org.

How to register: Please create your personal account on our Winglet platform via “SIGNUP” at the top right of this page. You will then be able to secure your ticket for the symposium by clicking on the button “GET TICKET”.

The ticket price for regular participants is 50 €.

Participation for active SSIEM members is free of charge. Just redeem the coupon code SSIEM#Members in the 2nd step of the booking process.

Students and trainees as well as participants from low income countries also benefit from a reduced ticket price using the respective coupon code in the booking process:

Students & Trainees: SSIEM#Training
Low Income Countries: SSIEM#LIC

12.00 GMT | Industry Sponsored Symposium
12.30 GMT | Break
15 min
12.45 GMT | Industry Sponsored Symposium
13.15 GMT | Break
15 min
13.30 GMT | Introduction from the SSIEM President | Gajja Salomons
13.35 GMT | Adult Group Session
Educational Programme for Adult Metabolic Medicine | Sandra Sirrs & Annalisa Secchi
25 min
Update on Complex Lipid Disorders | Fanny Mochel
25 min
Key Takeaways and Live Discussion - Voting, Q&A
5 min
14.30 GMT | Archibald Garrod Award Lecture
Introduction | Eva Morava
5 min
Clinical, Radiological, and Genetic Characteristics in Patients with ACO2 Gene Defects: An Emerging Neurometabolic Syndrome | Ronen Spiegel
25 min
15.00 GMT | Break
15 min
15.15 GMT | Invited Lectures
Metabolic Cutis Laxa and The Golgi | Björn Fischer
18 min
The International Classification of lnherited Metabolic Disorders, ICIMD | Carlos Ferreira, Shamima Rahman & Johannes Zschocke
18 min
News from the FDA: Orphan Drug Development | Patroula Smpokou
18 min
In Vivo Gene Therapy for Metabolic Diseases: State of the Art and Future Perspectives | Nicola Brunetti Pierri
18 min
Developing Therapy for Ultra-Rare Inherited Metabolic Disease: Lessons from Niemann-Pick Disease Type C | Marc Patterson
18 min
Key Takeaways and Live Discussion - Voting, Q&A
15 min
17.00 GMT | Break
15 min
17.15 GMT | Komrower Lecture
Elucidating the Causes of Metabolic Disorders: The New Veins to Explore | Emile van Schaftingen
45 min
18.00 GMT | Late breaking news
19.00 GMT | SSIEM Annual General Meeting
20.00 GMT | Industry Sponsored Symposium
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